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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top new year resolution: How to Stay Fit and Healthy; How to Lose Weight! Let's make it happen. 

According to Nielson, the top 2 new year resolution in USA are (1) Stay fit and healthy and (2) Lose weight.  The question is HOW?! Millions of people around the world make these resolutions year in and year out and they were not able to make their resolutions happen.  The normal way of doing exercise, control diet have not been working well yah?

This post is exciting because I want to show you how to achieve your new year resolution using a Safe, Simple and Effective Way! 

I want to share the 2 steps process:

(1) Do cleansing with ClearStart 30: An easy to use 30 days toxic cleansing program. Benefits of ClearStart30 are:

  • An initial step towards achieving weight loss.
  • Supports a property functioning microbiome.
  • All natural cleansing for your digestive system.

(2) Consume Bios Life Slim at least 3 months : Shake and Drink it at least 2 times day. Benefits of Bios Life Slim are:

  • Calms down hunger and cravings during and between meals.
  • Sustains healthy glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Allows your body to burn fat for energy.
  • Offsets carbohydrates you eat
  • Helps achieve weight loss goals with stimulants.
  • Listed in Physician Desk Reference. 

Below is a video that explains ClearStart 30. We need do Cleansing with ClearStart 30 at least once every 6 months. 

Below is a video that explains the science behind Bios Life Slim. In short, Bios Life Slim helps reduce Insulin Resistance (the root cause of many diseases). When insulin resistance is reduced, you will experience weight loss as your body will burn the fat away naturally. 

Congratulations for reading till here, you now have the way to be healthier! Next is you take ACTION. 😃 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Paradigm shift: From illness/sickness to wellness ! Why do you NEED to invest in prevention?

The understanding of the picture above can transform your health immediately! 

The Illness-Wellness Continuum was first envisioned by John Travis in 1972. Once it was published in 1975, it became popular because it is an easy way to illustrate the new concept called Wellness. 

Most of us think of wellness in terms of sickness; we assume the absence of illness means wellness. There are actually many degrees of wellness, just as there are many degrees in sickness. 

Moving from the center ("Neutral Point") to the left shows worsening state of health. Moving to the right shows improving state of health. 

The treatment paradigm (surgery, medicines, acupuncture and so on) can ONLY bring you to the Neutral Point, where the symptoms of disease has been alleviated. If you don't make changes to your lifestyle, you risk going back to the left side. 

The wellness paradigm can be utilised at any point in the continuum, helping you move toward higher level of wellness and as far to the right as possible. Wellness paradigm does not replace the treatment paradigm but works in harmony with it.  For example: if you are ill, don't just stop after the treatment is done, use the wellness paradigm to move to high level of wellness.  Wellness paradigm promotes Prevention: Improving your well being before you have signs and symptoms of sickness/disease. Prevention also includes educating people to be aware of and avoid risk factors to protect themselves against premature death.

Have you heard of the saying "Prevention is better than Cure"? 
*** Prevention refers to Wellness Paradigm. 

*** Cure refers to Treatment Paradigm.  

Question: Do you believe in Prevention or you believe in Cure? Which belief serves you and your family better? It should be PREVENTION right ?! 😆

In reality, what do most people believe now? It is still CURE. That's why curing (also called the Sickness Industry) is a big part of healthcare now.  When people have a paradigm shift and they realise PREVENTION is much better and incur less pain (also called the Wellness Industry), then you have a transformation in health ! So choose wisely! 

Misconception #1: "I am ok now" DOES NOT EQUAL to High Level Wellness, its just means you are at the Neutral Point.  

Misconception #2: Detection DOES NOT EQUAL Prevention. When doctor detects you have disease, you already have a health crisis! 

If you choose Wellness Paradigm, then let's study how we can go towards High Level Wellness together. 😀

Monday, December 19, 2016

Start your journey to better health with Cleansing TODAY! 

We have discussed the importance of Cleansing in a separate post. Isn't now the time to put this knowledge into actual result? 

There are 2 excellent ways to start your Cleansing journey:

1) Body Overhaul Program (BOH): A complete cleansing program that not only cleanses your internal digestive organ but also balances your body system so you can continue to have the daily energy while cleansing.  BOH includes ClearStart30 and other few products.   

2) ClearStart30 Program (CS30): Basic cleansing program that cleanses your internal digestive system.  Below is a video explaining how CS30 works. 

Both programs are 30 days program.  If you take on the program you will experience transformation in health you NEVER experience before! You will feel lighter, less fatigue, better skin and many other benefits.  If all it takes is 30 days for a better body, do you think its worth it? 😃

You can get your BOH or CS30 TODAY!! Please email : 

For best pricing and collection.  I respond to email enquiries fast.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Summary: 5 Steps to Better Health 

Let me summaries the 5 practical steps to optimal health. The 5 steps are not theory, but they are steps that can be easily carried out by anyone. 

There you go again, the link to the post about all the 5 steps:

Step 1: Hydrate
Step 2: Exercise 
Step 3: Cleanse 
Step 4: Nourish
Step 5: Target

To do Step 1, 2 are EASY! You can do it yourself and its free! 

To do Step 3,4,5 you need to find a company which can supply SAFE and EFFECTIVE, and CONVENIENT solutions at price that is REASONABLE. 

The criteria of a good company should include the following characteristics:

1) Profile: Is it local or international company? International is better than local because it can lower its cost because of Economies of Scale. Economies of Scale simply means that when the company produce big volume of products, the company has bargaining company to lower the cost of raw materials and production. 

2) Product: Is the quality recognised by authoritative source? Are the products SAFE and EFFECTIVE? 

After extensive research, there is ONE company that fulfilled the criteria, and the company is Unicity.

Here's the video about Unicity profile. You will be amazed by its long track record and its global presence. 

Unicity has the MOST solutions among all nutritional supplement companies listed in Physician Desk Reference (PDR), and this video explains this is so IMPORTANT for consumers! 

Here's the video about the Unicity Science. Science matters a lot when a company want to develop products that are SAFE and EFFECTIVE so consumers don't waste their money. 

In fact, Unicity products are NOT ordinary nutritional supplements, they are considered as Nutraceuticals and Genomeceuticals. 

Unicity has pushed the boundary of science and now Unicity has launched many products in Genomeceuticals, which improve health at the most fundamental level called Gene by improving Gene Expression.  You can understand more about Gene Expression in this video.  This is exciting as Unicity has entered new era of improving healthcare for mankind! 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Step Five: Target

This step is custom made for you and your health. We are all different, some have weight management struggles, some have bone and joint pain, some want to to prevent cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke, some want to boost their immune system. 

Regardless of your background, Step Five is about taking responsibility for your health by proving nutritional support for your target areas such as: Hearts and cardiovascular system, weight management, aging, immune system, bone & joint.

Almost all the possible health problems are preventable through developing the simple, healthy habits of 5 Steps to Optimal Health: Hydrate -> Exercising -> Cleansing -> Nourshing -> Targeting your body. 

All this knowledge means nothing if we do not take ACTION.  Lets get started to be healthy ! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Step Four: Nourish

When you eat, you put food in your mouth, chew and swallow-outside of personal tastes, rarely are you concerned or even aware of the quality of the food you eat. 

When you nourish, it is very different from eat. It mean you supply what is necessary for life, health, strength and growth. Step 4 requires you put more thought to make educated choices about what to put into your body to have optimal health. 

In Step 4, you want to ensure your body:

  1. Is provided with high quality foods.
  2. Received adequate amounts of sleep, rest and relaxation.
High Quality Food

Today's diet have more fats, more sugars, more carbohydrates and fewer nutritionally rich food than ever before. Missing are the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and phytochemical critical to improving and maintaining your health. 

The best way to improve nourishment to your body is to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  There is only a slight problem: Are you aware the fruits and vegetable you are eating is MUCH LESS nutrition than 30 years ago? 

This Scientific American articles discuss the root cause behind less nutrients in today's fruits and vegetables. 

The best way to ensure we eat high quality food can be achieved by adding a daily nutritional supplement to your diet so you greatly improve the amount of nutrients to your body.

Nourishment through sleep

Sufficient sleep is an essential aspect of health promotion and chronic disease prevention. 

What happen when you have insufficient sleep? Insufficient sleep is associated with many chronic disease and conditions such as Diabetes, CVD (Cardiovascular disease), obesity and depression. 

The National Sleep Foundation has noted the need for sleep changes as we age and below is the sleep guidelines for selected age groups (including naps):

  • 0-2 months old: 10.5-18 hours. 
  • 2-12 months old: 14-15 hours. 
  • 12-18 months old: 13-15 hours.
  • 18 months - 3 years old: 12-14 hours
  • 3-5 years old: 11-13 hours.
  • 5-12 years old: 9-11 hours.
  • Teenagers: 8.5-9.5 hours
  • Adults: 7-9 hours. 
Nourishment through Rest and Relaxation

Relexation isn't just about peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that decreases the wear and tear on your mind and body from the challenges of daily life. 

We all have stress sometimes. Different people perceive different things as stress. Whether your stress is spiralling out of control or you've already got it tamed, you can benefit from learning relaxation techniques. Learning basic relaxation techniques is easy, often free or low cost.

Coming up tomorrow: Step 5!!! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Step Three: Cleanse

One of the most neglected aspects of your health is what’s on your INSIDE. Keeping the outside of your body clean is a billion dollar industry. Soaps, scrubs, shampoos, toothpastes…whole aisles of grocery stores devoted to keeping you clean on the outside. 

Unfortunately, out of sight is out of mind when it comes to internal cleanliness.  Neglecting your internal health and cleanliness has its consequences.

No one likes to think of themselves filled with all sorts of sludge and chemicals, so let’s focus on some of the symptoms that can occur when you need to rid your body of harmful impurities:

Are you:

  • Suffering from fatigue, weakness, low energy levels?
  • Dealing with allergies or food sensitivities and intolerances?
  • Frustrated by elimination problems  such as constipation,diarrhea,hemorrhoids? 
  • Suffering with intestinal disorders like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Colitis?
  • Experiencing poor immunity - frequent colds, viruses, infections?
  • Dealing with the aggravation of frequent headaches or migraines?
  • Exasperated due to skin problems, acne, rashes, boils, pimples, lack-luster color, canker sores? 
  • Uncomfortable due to digestive problems, bloating, belching, acid reflux? 
  • Concerned by flatulence, bad breath or foul body odor? 
  • Stressed because of unclear thinking, poor concentration?
  • Frustrated because they are always running out of "steam" before they run out of day?

Your body's primary internal organs are engaged in two vital tasks: taking in and processing what the body needs, and getting rid of what the body doesn't need. 
Most people focus on improving what they take in—like the nutritional quality of their food and the purity of their air and water. It”s equally important to assist your body in getting rid of what it doesn't need.

The digestive system is the principle cleansing system in your body. However, if it's not working properly, it can make your body even more toxic. Imagine cleaning your house with a vacuum that has a hole in the dust bag. Using it would spread more dust throughout your house then if you hadn't vacuumed at all.

Every tissue in your body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the intestines. When your intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty, and so are your organs and tissues. It's the intestines that must be cleansed first before any additional enhancement in your health can take place.

Actionable Step:

  1. Get external source to achieve proper balance between accumulation and elimination. Consider Cleansing Solution from reputable company that has long track record and can demonstrate science behind their products, preferable validated by neutral sources.